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About Us

‘HIGH TECH’ is a company dedicated to Internet of things (IoT), which is making its marks across business and consumer sectors. We are proud of being a part of this exciting trend with IoT business, and willing to put ourselves at the forefront of innovation, consumed with imaginations and challenging spirit to advance its IoT technology. If your need to materialize your potential ideas is where this trend goes, please contact us for partnership. We welcome this opportunity to be one you will be proud of.
High Tech is a professional IoT communication equipment and device development and solution provider, and we focus on products and solutions to send and receive information using LoRaWAN and BLE modules. Through this, we are offering various IoT devices in the safety management and tourism industry, with safety monitoring of cultural properties, safety management of structures and facilities, and application services to promote overall operation of safety.


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Service Provider

Our creative and total solution does not just end with the engineering achievements; our various front-end solution and UI/UX developers are one integral part of High Tech, providing the solution you can find in one place. "Make connections"

On-site Engineering

Engineering required for installing sensors on the structures such as cultural assets, buildings, bridges and tunnels, are based on our decades of efforts and patents earned by High Tech. We can customize our solution to any condition of your unique projects. "Be there"

Product Manufacturing

From the design on the paper to the manufacturing floor, our High Tech developers and engineers are the backbone of quality controls with instant response to better our overall service. "QA comes second to none, a 5-star promise"

Product Design to DevOps

Our passion to develop has been the source for our proud flagship of products such as wireless sensors, extremely low-power long-distance end-devices over the last decade. Always, being kept abreast with the latest technology, our innovation philosophy continues for the next decade. "Be on the edge"

At High Tech,

we create more than just monitoring app or deep learning scientific platforms. We bring it to life with user experience, translating data values into real, tangible and graphical visualization. We provide you in a wide range of sectors with a professional, yet refreshingly personal approach. Join us, and thrive on your ventures.

HIGH TECH is a company dedicated to Internet of things (IoT). We provide services based on LoRa, BLE, and IoT sensors, and our products include O-lamps as well as Home wireless local network products and services. We've been expanding heavily by investing in our development to reinvent ourselves as the beacon of innovation and invention. We launched outdoor lamps, a product named ‘O-lamp’ in  2016. The lamp  has been popular among outdoor-loving fans. On top of the popularity, we finally found our niche market in the area of cultural heritage preservation by launching our proud flagship of Monitoring System first in our province and by expanding its market across the country. With all the discipline under one roof, we are prepared to meet the challenges of IoT devices from concept, through certification and into mass production and installation. If your imagination for the future of IoT technology is the same as of us, please join us and we can go far together.

Deep Learning

At the forefront of sensor data intelligence is the deep learning driven by our core technology - LoRa-based monitoring app.

  • 1) Sensor Data
  • 2) Big Data
  • 3) Monitoring Intelligence
  • 4) Termite Detection
  • 5) Cultural Heritages

Context and semantic learning

context and semantic discoveries are used to create its generator and consequential discovers repositories. Context and reasoning layer is added for intelligent data processing, event processing and management and decision making (filters, DBMS, data fusion, neural networks)

Pattern and trend algorithms

  • noise and pattern identification
  • max / average pooling
1. Based on the calculation of energy level derived from the frequency size of accelerometers and vibration sensors, so-called "Cultural Health Index" is to be developed to determine the health and out of balance of cultural properties being monitored. And at the same token, a "Danger Index" is to be developed by identifying the impact level of the result.

Big Data Analysis

Big Data Analysis and data acquisition techniques using push and pull instant and internal context source. Data modeling with key-value pair, object-based, ontology-based, markup scheme, logic-based and graphical context info.
Inter-relational analysis
  • relational analysis based on sensor proximity
  • Weather API parsing and data matching engine development
  • Data assimilation
  • Total integration of data

IoT Monitoring App

AI and deep learning is being put to use to save our cultural heritages; where the health of remote hard-to-reach treasures are monitored, overcoming human-fatigue-related errors.


Cultural Asset Monitoring App

LoRa r technology protocol enables 15km as maximum data transmit distance. Low power consumption guarantees longer lasting of batteries. Self-managed network costs you nothing in usage charges. Use of batteries reduces overheads in wiring for power connection.

Termite Detection

Big-data, but the target is not big; termites eat away our homes, wooden structures and even our forest. We reinvent ourselves as a guardian to combat off the invisible enemy of termites.

  • State of The Art
  • CSCN
  • LapSRN, EDSR

Termites are the main causes of damages done to wooden structure and forest trees. Because of its aggressiveness and hidden existence, it is extremely hard to detect and evaluate its existence and damages.

Our temperature and humidity sensors coupled with the imaging devices can tackle this issue and we can deliver a self-contained solution based on deep-learning platform, which can produce alarms with visual results.



Combining discrepancy sensors and LoRa-based transceiver, High Tech sensors are the preferred choice for low-power hard-to-reach locations, well-kept hidden from the public view, ideal for public malls and cultural heritage sites.

Gateway and network server

LoRa-based devices come with various advantages including the following;

  • Extremely low power consumption performance, which means battery-equipped end-points last longer and can be placed in hard-to-reach locations.
  • LoRa opensource ecosystem guarantees a broad ecosystem of devices, gateways, applications and portals for developers.

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